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Because you are important to us and safety is one of our most cherished values, here is our code of good conduct and safety for our electric scooters!

What is prohibited

🚫 Riding with a second person on a Circ scooter
🚫 Use our scooters without being of age
🚫 Riding or parking on sidewalks

It is important to park properly so that we can all coexist together in our cities.

Where to park?

βœ… Two-wheel parking areas
βœ… Car parking lanes

Do not hesitate to inform us of any scooter that would seem wrongly parked at the following address so that we can intervene: support.fr@goflash.com

Our recommendations

βœ… Ride responsibly and follow the Highway Code
βœ… Helmets are not mandatory but we highly recommend you wear one.
βœ… Choose bike paths
βœ… At night, remember to turn on the headlights, they are here for that πŸ™‚

You are responsible for your ride, do not hesitate to contact your insurance company if you have any question

Any comments? Any suggestions?
Feel free to contact us:

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